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eXp agents can now directly leverage’s expansive, coast-to-coast
listing coverage by sharing links
to get more leads! The waitlist for early access is now open to all eXp agents. 

My Link My Lead

This cutting edge agent tool keeps track of your personalized links and assigns leads acquired through your sharing back to you!

Get More Leads!

Not in your service area? No problem! You can still reap the rewards of acquiring that lead by referring it to another eXp agent.

AND this is just the beginning! There is much more to come for eXp agents, so stay tuned!

It’s easy: Sign Up for the Waitlist. Add Links. Share Those Links. Get more Leads!

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Add Links

Add links
to your My Link MY Lead profile, such as shared searches,
ABC pages, and
listing detail pages.

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Share Those Links

Share your personalized links
with your consumers and network. (e.g. social media, emails, text messages)

My Link My Lead - icon - Get More Leads
Get MORE Leads

My Link My Lead keeps
track of your shared, personalized links and assigns
those leads back to you!

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No. My Link My Lead allows eXp agents to share property search and listing URLs via their personalized links, so they can gain leads that are brought in through their sharing. Your Listing Your Lead refers to the practice where those leads are assigned to the listing agent if the listing agent is and eXp agent as it is their listing.

No, all listings are searchable via our property search on the brokerage portal. Simply search, copy the link/URL, add it to your account to creat your personalized link, and start sharing!

If you are the listing agent, leads will be assigned to you for that listing. We honor “Your Listing Your Lead” for eXp listing agents.

By adding the link to your MLML account you create a personalized version of that link that is now connected to your information.

Not in your service area? Can’t service that lead right now? No problem! You can still reap the rewards of acquiring that lead by referring it to another eXp agent.

We are excited to announce that this is only a part (a very important piece) of a larger, more streamlined way to help eXp agents grow their business! Expect more from your eXp Consumer Technology team and ask us questions at your next state meeting.

Want another way to grow your business right now? You can use the new eXp Referral Form here. Learn more.

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