These Are the 12 Best Neighborhoods in Durham, NC

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Durham, NC, is a fast-growing southern city that attracts many professionals and scholars. A highly attractive suburban area with highly-ranked academic institutions, entertainment, and amusement areas, Durham is a good and intriguing place for anyone wishing to relocate.

If, after careful consideration, you have decided to relocate to Durham, knowing the best neighborhoods in Durham will help you narrow down your location choices, and we are here to give you a hand.

Durham boasts affordable houses, an inviting environment, and a welcoming community, contributing to overall happiness. Read on to discover some of the best neighborhoods in Durham and why the city is a great spot to find homes for sale in North Carolina.

The 12 Best Neighborhoods in Durham, NC

The best neighborhoods in Durham provide a serene environment where you can thrive as you settle. It’ll help you build a solid foundation as you work your way toward success.

Duke Park

Population: 23,876
Median Income: $ 60,000
Median Home Price: $ 400K

Duke Park is one of Durham’s oldest neighborhoods, built in the 1920s. The historic neighborhood is located just north of Downtown Durham. Despite its age, the houses in the area have more contemporary themes, which changed as they approached the mid-20th century.

You’ll find more modern-themed and expansive Durham homes for sale here than those built in the early years, which can host larger families. Duke Park also boasts unique features like green spaces and play areas.

Most of the restaurants or social amenities that could catch your eye are south of the neighborhood, in the city center. The style and standards of the homes built makes Duke Park perfect for families or pet owners who love a quiet yet expansive area where they can enjoy their existence in peace.

If you’re outdoorsy, then Duke Park fits your personality as well. The beautiful nature trails provide the perfect palace for hiking, biking, or taking nature walks. The community also hosts different events where they commune, compete, enjoy, and have fun while dressed up in costumes. This close-knit community displays the neighborhood’s welcoming and accommodating nature.

There are more listings on three and four-bedroomed houses in the Duke Park real estate market. The pricing of homes has stagnated over the last three years, with median pricing of $400K. Consulting a Durham real estate agent could help you get your preferred house quickly and at a fair price.

South Durham

Population: 24,513
Median Income: $75,559
Median Home Price: $363K

A buzzing South Durham neighborhood characterizes good food, southern charm, and a busy farmer’s market. The flavors in their delicious food set the region apart from other popular neighborhoods in the city. It’s the perfect place where foodies and those passionate about entertainment and hobbies can thrive.

The shopping centers and markets in the region are fully equipped with ingredients that spell out South Durham. The Lakeshow Golf Course provides an excellent opportunity for residents who want to venture into golf. You can also find areas like walking trails where you can go hiking or nature walks to enjoy the scenery.

The culture and history of the region provide unique moments and monuments to unite the community. There are also historical homes available for purchase. Specific eateries in the area are some of the major attractions in the neighborhood. They’ve carved out their regional cuisine unique to their produce and style.

Maneuvering the real estate market in South Durham can be challenging without proper help. Consult realtors to find out more about the listings, financing, and types of homes commonly found. It’ll give you a good starting point when settling in the neighborhood.

Downtown Durham

Population: 23,876
Median Income: $51,240
Median Home Price: $430K

Downtown Durham is known for its vibrancy and business. It has diverse features showcasing the culture and cuisine of the area. If you’re fond of urban settings with various activities among the busy restaurants and wineries, settle in Downtown Durham. If you love letting your furry companion socialize, there’s Downtown Durham Dog Park, too.

They hold events honoring their art, culture, and food showing the community’s involvement in the neighborhood. It’s also the nearest one to Durham Bulls Athletic Park. These events ensure the community remains close-knit and the area is creative and exciting. It hosts several physical and historical landmarks, making it a popular destination.

Aside from the cultural events, art exhibits, and plenty of opportunities for work, Downtown Durham is a central neighborhood ideal if you want to relocate with your family because it encompasses plenty of schools. Top options for school-age individuals in Durham include:

  • Durham School of the Arts
  • Camelot Academy
  • George Watts Elementary School
  • Duke University East Campus

There are also numerous parks, paths and walkways where you can sightsee through the town, enjoying the vicinity. Top areas to discover include:

  • Durham Bulls Athletic Park
  • Durham Central Park
  • Old North Durham Park
  • Orchard Park

It’s near impossible to remain idle or bored within the neighborhood. With industries in and around this popular neighborhood, you can easily find something to do or hold on to while in the region. The numerous locations you can visit to see and learn about history or culture make it more exciting to live in the area.

The buzzing nature of the neighborhood harbors its challenges in finding the perfect home when relocating. The market trends from last year show a dip in their selling price. You can find houses with more rooms and baths in large green spaces perfect for large families or single units if you live alone.

Northgate Park

Population: 41,315
Median Income: $53,831
Median Home Price: $372.5K

Northgate Park has all the requirements needed when settling a family. The area has numerous schools, an uptown environment, and the perfect natural environment that encourages walks and community events. The family neighborhood has academic options including elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools where your children can get quality education.

Getting attached and detached single-family homes in the area has better odds since there are similar family settings around the area. The average home pricing in the neighborhood recently rose because of the demand. The tranquility and smart features in the region also make them a hard-to-find property or house.

You can get virtual tours of your preferred homes from the realtors before paying and relocating. But be sure you’ll fit in perfectly and participate in different nature walks or hiking trails to enjoy your time in the neighborhood.

Trinity Park

Population: 23,876
Median Income: $51.240
Median Home Price: $772K

Among the standout features in Trinity Park includes the beautiful and well-maintained, high-value homes. These houses have their old contemporary style yet with a modern touch. The sidewalks and paths make the area habitable for people in the neighborhood.

The beautiful neighborhood has picturesque streets with lines of trees, providing beautiful and shaded pathways as you walk through the town. Its ancient culture and art are some of the features that rank it among the best in a family or single-unit house. Some of the highlights in and around this neighborhood include:

  • Duke University
  • Pearl Mill Nature Preserve
  • Trinity Park
  • Duke Softball Stadium
  • Brodie Recreation Center
  • Sarah P. Duke Gardens
  • Duke University Hospital

The residents are close-knit because of the area’s hospitality and dedication to protecting their historical sites. If you want to get ahead in your house-hunting, ensure you visit a local agent who’ll help you get the best home for them or their family.

Old West Durham

Population: 47,527
Median Income: $ 58,350
Median Home Price: $530K

Old West Durham was an established mill farm that has since grown into its modern version. This neighborhood has quaint historic homes and is a great community for families. It is located right next to the East Campus of Duke University.

The social amenities within and around Old West Durham are what attract first-time home buyers to live in the area. The area’s eateries, diners, bookstores, and bars make it a great place to live. It allows residents to explore and look into businesses and retail stores, including national chain stores.

Students from nearby universities can benefit from its proximity to an adventurous neighborhood. They can enjoy delicious local food before taking fascinating nature walks down the neighborhood’s streets. It is a relaxing pastime during their free time away from campus.

The area is also adjacent to many schools and hospitals, perfect for anyone relocating with their families. Though its median home price is higher than other neighborhoods, the contemporary-themed houses provide ample space for your usage.

The houses in Old West Durham tend to be smaller because of their ancient establishments. However, since they’re in large spaces, the homeowners enjoy large fields where they can set up playgrounds or walk with their pets.

Hope Valley Farms

Population: 55,627
Median Income: $81,432
Median Home Price: $465K

If you’re looking for the perfect blend of a rural and urban setting, consider settling in Hope Valley Farms, one of the liveliest neighborhoods in Bull City. Hope Valley Farms is located in south Durham and has beautiful natural features like lakes, creeks, and trees, creating dense natural scenery. It’s also close to the trendy, urban areas, adding to its unique ambiance.

Homes in this suburban neighborhood feature expansive green spaces with tidy landscapes that are perfect if you have children or pets. The typical contemporary style across family units varies according to the size of the family units. Check out different listings in the area or have a team take you on an area tour to feel and fill your expectations.

Families with school-going children can check out the school of their choice in the area. They can choose a public school or a private school among the options in the area. There are also exciting walking trails and parks where children and adults can enjoy the fun and beauty by hiking, walking, or jogging around the neighborhoods.

Residential real estate in Hope Valley Farms include mostly single-family homes, but there are also townhouses and apartment complexes, with the most sought-after ones being close to Frazier Lake.


Population: 55,627
Median Income: $52,827
Median Home Price: $350K

Parkwood borders high-end neighborhoods in south Durham that rub off on them. The houses consist of condos (with affordable condo purchase prices), apartments, and townhouses with a modern take. The median home listing and actual home prices continue to rise and dip, respectively.

This peaceful neighborhood has schools from elementary to high schools, parks, and different entertainment sections where children and their families can spend their weekends or holidays. The community within the neighborhood closely relates through the numerous activities and events throughout the year.

Adults can easily get employment opportunities in an exciting neighborhood or nearby areas like Research Triangle Park, thus an enterprising place to start over. It’s a peaceful and quiet place with a low average crime rate of below 1, providing a safe and secure environment for you to grow and evolve.


Population: 1947
Median Income: $78,305
Median Home Price: $71.6K

Woodcraft’s central location makes it the perfect palace for anyone relocating to Durham. The area is close to various employers and employment opportunities in the industrial area. There are numerous schools for children and those in universities. It’s easy to sneak in a couple of dinners or brunch dates in the restaurants within the area.

The playgrounds and serene environment make it a peaceful location for families, especially young families seeking places where they can make it to work within the shortest time but still have time for their children.

The vast green spaces and tree-lined trails on the streets give it a natural and calm environment where you can relax and refocus. You can also enjoy nature and hiking trails as a hobby or an activity that keeps your sanity despite the daily activities.

Woodcraft has houses with different themes, including rustic, modern condos and townhouses fit for multi and single-unit families. With different listings, you can monitor the price ranges of preferred houses and determine which ones satisfy your needs.

Chancellor’s Ridge

Population: 55,627
Median Income: $81,432
Median Home Price: $429.9K

Chancellor’s Ridge bears the most welcoming area for families. This area near South Point is conveniently located for people with families. The park and recreation facilities, like the playground and community pool, make it an exciting place to settle with the whole family.

The townhomes and single-family units across the area all follow a specific landscape and traditional design that identifies it. They have ample space in the front and backyard where you can set up gardens or play areas for your children.

The communities around Chancellor’s Ridge understand each other and often hold annual events that keep the residential neighborhoods tightly connected. It’s close to busy and urban neighborhoods that are key for the residents’ income.

Forest Hills

Population: 51,791
Median Income: $ 61,923
Median Home Price: $ 300K

If you’re looking for a quiet place with modern facilities, consider buying a Forest Hills home. The area has more traditional houses sitting on large pieces where you can have a small garden or set up the perfect play area.

There are many facilities for communal and entertainment activities where you can cool off during the summer. It makes it perfect for young families to thrive in their new homes.


Population: 55,627
Median Income: $ 81,432
Median Home Price: $427K

Southpoint is well-known for its excellence in producing delicious foods in eateries and restaurants. You’ll surely enjoy your time at Southpoint if you’re a foodie. It has several malls and shopping points where you can shop for various items.

Homes in the area are either high-end or have a traditional touch in their design. It can be challenging to get the perfect listing for your home. But with an experienced agent, you can move things along quickly to get one that fits your style and daily requirements.

FAQs: Best Neighborhoods in Durham, NC

Here are some common Frequently Asked Questions about the best neighborhoods in Durham, NC.

How does the cost of living compare to other places in North Carolina?

North Carolina’s living cost index of 91 is slightly lower than the national average (100). You’ll spend less when buying a home or paying your bills in NC than in other parts. Also, food, clothing, and other items are cheaper than the national expectations.

Which part of Durham is best?

South Point is one of the best places in Durham. The multiple shopping malls and areas in the vast green spaces in the field make it an exciting place to reside or visit.

Is Durham in North Carolina a nice place to live?

Yes. Durham is exciting because of its technological advancements and ways of living. You can expect comfortable homes that fit the expansive spaces in the neighborhoods. Their family events help people connect better.

Is Durham cheaper than Raleigh?

Durham is slightly cheaper to live in than Raleigh. The expenses are less than those incurred while in Durham. However, Durham’s average income is also marginally less than in Raleigh.

Is Durham, NC, expensive to live in?

Durham is an affordable place to live, the most common reason people use it when relocating. Home prices and utilities are way less than the national average.

Is Durham or Chapel Hill more expensive?

Living in Chapel Hill is more expensive than living in Durham. First, you’ll spend more (almost 43%) to get an apartment in Chapel Hill than in Durham. Other utilities, bills, and supplies will cost you more in Chapel Hill.

How much do you need to make to live comfortably in Durham, NC?

First, it depends on the size of your family, who’ll determine how much you should have in utilities and housing expenses. If you live alone, you’ll need approximately $32.5k annually to cater to your personal needs. Families of 5 would require at least double the income to live comfortably.

Who are the biggest employers in Durham?

The biggest employers are the municipality of Durham, Ontario Power Generation, Lakeridge Health, and General Motors. Although, other employees reside in nearby cities, too.

Final Thoughts

Relocating to Durham could be one of the best decisions you make. Finding the best place to start life with accessible amenities like schools, transport, housing areas, entertainment, and employment opportunities helps you settle in seamlessly.

These are some of the best neighborhoods in Durham where you can start over. Check out their unique features and benefits to determine which fits your purpose. Ready to search for Durham real estate? eXp Realty can set you up with listing alerts so you never miss a chance at your new dream home!

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