How To Find Open Houses? The Alert Every Home Buyer Needs To Have Set Up

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Knowing how to find open houses sets you on the right path to owning your next home. Sure, you can view properties for sale online, but you will gain much knowledge from seeing the house in person. In addition, viewing potential homes for sale in Florida or anywhere in the US helps you make an informed decision when it’s time to buy.

You can find open houses on Saturdays and Sundays, often in the early afternoon. Drop in for a house tour and learn to evaluate houses for essential items. It’s a no-pressure way to get a close-up view of houses in your preferred market and maybe even find your dream home. Here’s how to find open houses, whether you’re just curious or ready to buy.

Why Visit Open Houses?

It’s impossible to overemphasize the importance of viewing open houses for home buyers. An open house is a public viewing of a property for sale. So anyone can stop by and take a home tour. It’s easy to see desirable properties in your preferred neighborhood and price range.

In addition, it’s a fun way to spend an afternoon. Besides providing an opportunity for potential buyers to see a property in person, open houses allow you to meet a real estate agent without pressure. So if you don’t yet have representation, you can informally interview the agent.

Local Experts

You can ask the real estate agent questions about the house, local schools and parks, available grocery stores, and anything necessary for your new home. The realtor may also have other available properties in the area to show. In addition, they are often local experts, so if you’re new to the area, real estate agents have valuable knowledge to share.

Take Notes and Photos

Another reason you should visit open houses is that the owner is generally absent, so you can be more objective in checking out the home. Owners spruce up houses before showings, as expected. But you can still look beneath the spruced-up surfaces.

It is essential to take notes and photos, especially if you’re visiting more than one property. Make a note of the construction quality when you open drawers. Take a picture when you peek under the sink to discover cleanliness levels. You can get an overall idea of the house’s ongoing maintenance by looking at the fireplace chimney for signs of wear.

Touring houses let you take time to inspect the driveway for concrete cracks. These are just a few items that give you insight into the home’s care over time. Taking notes and photos makes it easy to keep details straight when comparing potential new homes.

How To Find Open Houses?

You want to view desirable properties because your ultimate goal in this home-buying process is to find a new home. But you still need to know how to find open houses.

Real Estate Websites

A great way to find open houses is by searching real estate websites. eXp Realty makes it easy to search our database of homes for sale. First, search by city, neighborhood, or zip code. Then, quickly filter by price range, number of bedrooms, and even by specific school districts. It’s never been easier to find open houses.

Through a Real Estate Agent

Working with a real estate agent is one of your best resources on how to find open houses. Not only are they local experts, but they also have valuable insights into a property’s real market value.

Realtors know the latest market data, and they get to know your must-haves in a new home. So you’ll have a trusted advocate on your side, walking with you through each stage of the home-buying process.

Local Newspapers and Magazines

Local newspapers and magazines are a great option in how to find open houses. Realtors place highlighted homes in magazines you could pick up at convenience stores. Check online editions for the latest information.

Social Media

Realtors use social media to reach large audiences about upcoming open house showings. Follow individual real estate agents and companies for their latest offerings. Search “open house” with your city name on Facebook or Instagram for more opportunities.

Neighborhood Search

An old-school option for how to find open houses is to take a drive around your preferred neighborhood. You’ll get a better feel for the area and might find potential homes with upcoming showings. Take pictures of For Sale signs and later call the real estate broker to ask about open houses.

Setting Up Alerts

Create an account with eXp Realty to get notifications of open houses in your area. Invite family members to your account to share in the house hunting. Collaborate & organize your account so you can discuss and organize homes with your family, friends, and your eXp agent. Then start searching!

When you create and save detailed searches, you’ll get an alert on new real estate listings as soon as a home comes onto the real estate market. You’ll also get notifications when price changes or an open house gets scheduled in your desired area.

Alerts save you time and effort searching for open houses since you only have to set it up once. So you’ll have the advantage over other buyers because you get new information quickly. Right in your inbox. How easy is that?

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to set up alerts for open houses.

  1. Enter your desired new home area, including important-to-you details like price, size, bedrooms, etc.
  2. Click the “More” tab to enter your “Must Haves,” school district, lot size, and anything else critical to your house purchase. The more specific you are, the better the results are tailored to your perfect home. Next, check the boxes for “Upcoming Open Houses” and “Recent Price Change.” Finally, click “See Results” to view, save, and share your favorite properties.
  3. Now click “Notify Me” to subscribe to this search. To help organize your list of desirable properties, give the search a name like “SunnyVale Neighborhood.” Then select your email frequency, and choose “Instant” to get immediate notifications so you can find open houses.

Key Takeaways

Visiting open houses is critical during the home-buying process. They let you explore the property and the neighborhood without pressure. You can take notes and pictures for later review.

Knowing how to find open houses gives you an advantage over other buyers. So if you’re in a multiple-offer area, you need every extra boost you can get. Creating alerts is a simple three-step process that means you’re notified first.

  • Search for properties nationwide with eXp Realty.
  • Select detailed criteria to narrow down house hunting and better find your perfect home.
  • Then save the search to get updates for open houses, price reductions, and new listings as soon as they come on the market.

Want to find open houses in your area? Ask your local real estate agent. Local eXp realtors are the experts who have the experience, training, and local knowledge you need to simplify the process of making one of life’s most important decisions. Now get out there and visit a property or two.

FAQs: How to Find Open Houses

Why Do They Call It Open House?

At parties, open houses are open to anyone who wants to attend during the party time. It’s a casual celebration or get-together. And it’s the same idea for home sales. A realtor arranges an open house for informal viewings of a home for sale. Again, it’s a way for prospective buyers to tour the home casually.

Is It Hard To Get Home Buyers To Visit an Open House?

Even though you can see video home tours online, it’s not the same as seeing a house in person. Prospective home buyers want to walk around a house, open drawers, and see the view out the windows. There are many advantages to viewing properties for sale in person. Proper advertising makes it easy to get home buyers to visit an open house.

What Sites Are Best for Open Houses?

The best sites for open houses are the ones that give you information quickly, in the way you want it. Look for search and filter features that let you narrow down your selected home options in your desired property area.

These sites offer valuable information on how to find open houses.

Are Open Houses a Good Way To Get Leads?

Yes, open houses are an excellent way to get leads. They let realtors showcase a home without exerting any pressure on house-shopping buyers. Signage brings potential buyers to the showing, and the real estate agent may offer to show them similar homes for sale. Neighbors of the Open House may walk through and mention their thoughts about potentially putting their own houses for sale.

In addition, the Open House advertising garners leads, even if a buyer isn’t interested in that particular property. Because of name recognition and familiarity, they will think of the realtor when they’re ready to purchase.

How Do You Attract People To Open Houses?

Real estate agents first attract people to open houses by informing other realtors about the showing. Those other agents may have specific buyers in mind for your property. Next, internet marketing is crucial. Advertise in these places and ways:

  • Craigslist
  • Facebook Marketplace & Business Page
  • Zillow
  • MLS (Multiple Listing Services) Database
  • Instagram
  • Email list
  • Postcards to neighbors
  • Putting up signage for foot traffic

Can You Just Turn Up to an Open House?

Yes, you can just turn up to an Open House. They offer an easy way to see a property without any buying pressure. However, if you are house hunting and interested in a particular house and neighborhood, your real estate agent can tour the Open House with you.

They will answer any immediate questions that come to mind. They can even make an appointment for a private showing, where you are the only one on the house tour.

Why Do People Do Open Houses?

People do open houses for three reasons. First, if you’re the seller, your realtor hosts an Open House so prospective buyers can see the property up close. It drums up excitement for the house that online advertising can’t quite do.

If you’re the buyer, people do open houses to see what homes are available in their desired neighborhoods and price ranges. And finally, some people do open houses out of curiosity. Maybe they want to stay abreast of the latest home trends, get decorating ideas, or just happen to be driving by.

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