Moving to Jersey City? Here Is Your Ultimate Relocation Guide

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If you’re considering moving to Jersey City, know that you’re not alone. This vibrant city across the Hudson River from New York City has been attracting young professionals and families with its bustling downtown, stunning waterfront views, and rich historical and cultural scene.

But with so much to consider when relocating, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. That’s why we’ve created the ultimate relocation guide for anyone considering a move to Jersey City, Hudson County. It’s the perfect exchange place for people looking for vibrant city life.

From the best neighborhoods to schools, transportation, and entertainment options, we’ve got you covered. So, let’s dive in and make your move to Jersey City as seamless as possible!

Jersey City at a Glance

Jersey City is a populous city in the heart of the New York metropolitan area. It is close to Ellis Island, Union City, and Newark Liberty International Airport. With a population of over 260K people and an area of 21 square miles, it’s the second-largest city in New Jersey.

Known for its stunning waterfront views, vibrant cultural scene, and diverse communities, Jersey City is a hub for young professionals, families, and entrepreneurs. It has top-notch restaurants, museums, and entertainment options.

Jersey City Real Estate

Jersey City real estate is a diverse mix of housing options, including historic brownstones, modern apartments, deluxe amenities, and luxury apartments. The median home price in Jersey City is around $630K, higher than the national average.

Prices vary depending on the neighborhood and property type. Some of the best communities to live in include Downtown Jersey City, Paulus Hook, and The Heights.

Cost of Living in Jersey City

Jersey City is not known for its affordable prices, with the cost of living being higher than the state and national average. The median household income is also more than the national average, at around $70,000, which is fantastic for this expensive city.

Apartment hunters have their work cut out for them, with the average rent being around $3,500 and numerous bidding wars to win. Other living costs, such as groceries prices, dining out, and entertainment, are also higher in Jersey City.

Schools in Jersey City

There are various school options, including public, religious, and private schools in Jersey City. The Jersey City Public Schools district serves students from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade and has affordable tuition. Additionally, there are several private and religious schools.

For higher education, Jersey City is home to New Jersey City University and Hudson County Community College. The city’s proximity to New York City also provides access to top universities, such as Columbia University and New York University.

If excellent schools for your kids are why you’re considering a move to the city, North Jersey, or Sixth Borough, you won’t be disappointed.

Economy in Jersey City

Jersey City is a thriving economic hub with diverse industries. The financial sector significantly contributes to the local economy, with companies such as Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, and Fidelity Investments having a powerful presence in the area.

Other prominent industries include healthcare, education, and technology. Top employers in Jersey City include the Jersey City Public Schools, Jersey City Medical Center, and Verisk Analytics.

Jersey City Trademarks

With so much to offer, Jersey City is a dream location. They’re amazing views, diverse communities, and a vibrant cultural scene. The city’s rich history is also evident in its architectural marvels, lots of attractions, historic landmarks, cultural festivals, and charming neighborhoods.

Skyline View

One of the famous attractions of Jersey City is its stunning skyline view of Manhattan. From the waterfront, you have killer views of iconic buildings such as the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, and One World Trade Center.

This unparalleled view is one of the reasons why Jersey City is a popular destination and a great living space.

Who Needs a Car?

Jersey City is known for its walkability and convenient public transportation system, making it easy for residents to get around without a car. The city’s extensive PATH train system provides easy access to Manhattan and other destinations in the area.

The NJ Transit bus system serves many residential neighborhoods and parts of the city, and the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail provides access to other parts of New Jersey.

You can also walk or bike due to the flat terrain and pedestrian-friendly streets. With so many modes of transportation available, you can easily navigate the city without a car.

The Food Scene Is Eclectic

Jersey City’s food scene is a melting pot of cultures and flavors, reflecting the city’s diverse population.

Downtown Jersey City has many authentic restaurants, cafes, and bars lining the streets. Restaurant prices vary depending on where you decide to eat.

Quick Commute to Manhattan

The city is connected to Manhattan via the PATH stations and train system, which provides direct access to downtown and midtown Manhattan.

The average commute time from Jersey City to Manhattan is around 20-30 minutes. For example, you can take the Hoboken Terminal to Hoboken or Battery Park City Ferry Terminal to NYC in a few minutes.

Nature Is Two Blocks Away

Beautiful parks like Liberty State Park and Lincoln Park are perfect for outdoor exercise enthusiasts. Jersey City is also within driving distance of several beaches, ensuring you can escape the bustle of city life in a public park.

The city’s residential towers are just a walk away from athletic fields and amazing views, and the city is a prime location for those who love an outdoor space filled with lots of outdoor attractions.

Local Street Art

Jersey City has a vibrant street art scene, with murals and graffiti adorning buildings throughout the city. The most famous street art is in the Powerhouse Arts District and along Newark Avenue, where visitors can take self-guided tours of the murals.

Jersey Pride Is a Thing

Jersey Pride is a real thing, and residents of the state are known for their pride in their home state. Residents proudly wear the state’s iconic “NJ” logo on everything from t-shirts to bumper stickers, and they are quick to defend their state against any negative stereotypes.

The Statue of Liberty Is Jersey’s, Not New York’s

Most people don’t know the Statue of Liberty is located in Jersey City and not in New York. The statue stands on Liberty Island in New York Harbor, but the island itself is part of Jersey City.

Name a Better Diner

Jersey City is famous for its diners in affordable neighborhoods. One of the most popular items on any diner’s menu is the pancake, and Jersey City is home to some of the best pancakes in the country.

Many diners in Jersey City are open 24 hours a day, making them a popular destination for late-night eats and early-morning breakfasts.

Staten Island Rivalry

Jersey City and Staten Island have had a long-standing rivalry, and this friendly competition is rooted in history.

Both areas have a strong sense of community and pride, and residents of each place often claim that their hometown is better than the other. While the rivalry is mostly good-natured, it has led to some fun competitions.

A Gigantic Italian American Neighborhood

Jersey City has a rich Italian American heritage and is full of Italian cultural landmarks, from bakeries and delis to pizzerias and restaurants. Italian immigrants have been an integral part of Jersey City’s history, and their cultural contributions are still felt today. Other ethnic enclaves of the past also left a mark on Jersey City.

There Is a Bar for Every Person

Jersey City is a beautiful city with a vibrant nightlife scene, and there is a bar for every person in the city. The city’s bar scene is diverse and lively, with options ranging from casual neighborhood bars to upscale cocktail lounges. Many bars in Jersey City also offer live music, trivia nights, and other fun events.

Jersey City Street Fair

The Jersey City Street Fair is an annual event featuring dozens of vendors selling crafts, food, and other items, live music, and other entertainment. It’s a fantastic way to experience the city’s vibrant culture and community spirit and to support local businesses and artisans.

Live Music to Last Forever

Jersey City’s live music scene is thriving and diverse, with venues ranging from intimate clubs to large concert halls. From jazz and blues to rock and hip-hop, there’s something for every music lover in this vibrant city.

Urban Legends

Jersey City has its share of urban legends, with tales of haunted houses, mysterious disappearances, and other eerie happenings. Some famous legends involve the “ghost tracks” in the city’s Bergen Hill neighborhood and the “black tom” explosion at a nearby munitions depot during World War I.

Back to the Past

Jersey City’s rich history and architecture give the city a unique and charming character that often feels like stepping back in time. The Train Station at Liberty State Park is a prime example, as its grand, abandoned structure harkens back to the city’s industrial past.

A Quieter NY

Located just across the river from bustling NYC, Jersey City offers a unique balance between city living and peaceful serenity. It has abundant green spaces, parks, and waterfront areas. It also offers a thriving arts and culture scene, fantastic dining options, and excellent shopping.

Jersey City Weather

Jersey City experiences a humid subtropical climate with hot summers and cold winters. It can also experience tropical storms and hurricanes. However, the city’s proximity to the coast also means it enjoys milder temperatures and occasional sea breezes.

Journal Square

Journal Square is a bustling neighborhood with high-rise apartment buildings, a vibrant residential community, and easy access to transportation. It is home to the historic Loew’s Jersey Theatre and the Journal Square Transportation Center.

FAQ: Moving to Jersey City

To help make your move easier, we compiled and answered some of the commonly asked questions about relocating to Jersey City.

Is Jersey City a good place to live?

Yes, Jersey City is a fantastic place to live due to its vibrant culture, diverse population, excellent transportation, affordable cost of living, and proximity to NYC.

Why are people moving to Jersey City?

People are moving to Jersey City for its proximity to New York City, affordable living options, diverse neighborhoods, and the growing job market in various industries.

Is it cheaper to live in NYC or Jersey City?

Generally, it is cheaper to live in Jersey City than in New York City, especially with housing costs.

Should I live in Hoboken or Jersey City?

The decision to live in Hoboken or Jersey City depends on personal preferences, budget, and lifestyle. Both cities offer unique advantages and disadvantages, so it’s best to research and visit each before deciding.

Do you need a car if you live in Jersey City?

It’s not necessary for many residents due to the public transportation system and walkability.

What parts of Jersey City are good?

Some of the best neighborhoods in Jersey City are Downtown, Newport, Paulus Hook, and Journal Square.

How much do you need to make to live comfortably in Jersey City?

The cost of living in Jersey City is relatively high. You’d need to earn at least $70,000 annually to live comfortably, but the amount can vary depending on lifestyle and expenses.

Are Jersey City taxes higher than NYC?

Jersey City has a lower tax rate than New York City, but property taxes can be high depending on property value and location.

Is Jersey City walkable?

Yes, Jersey City is a walkable city with its well-connected street grid, numerous pedestrian-friendly areas, and public transportation options.

Final Thoughts

Relocating to Jersey City can be an exciting and rewarding experience. From the affordable homes for sale and the authentic food scene to the public transportation system and beautiful parks, this city can be the perfect place to experience life.

You can start your home search in Jersey City right away, and once you find that ideal property, make sure to contact a real estate agent. They can be of great guidance and support throughout the whole process.

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