The 9 Reasons People Are Moving to Fort Wayne, IN

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Fort Wayne is a beautiful, friendly midwestern city in northeast Indiana that has, in recent years, become one of the most popular places for people to move to. The city is known for its vibrant atmosphere, family-friendly community, kind, and generous residents, as well as its excellent schools, arts and culture, and remarkably low cost of living and unemployment rate.

If you’re considering a move and want to learn more about why people are moving to Fort Wayne, IN, we have you covered. Keep reading to explore what the city has to offer!

Low Cost of Living

Fort Wayne’s low cost of living is one of the most important reasons people choose to move to this beautiful city. Not only is the cost of living 1% lower than elsewhere in the state, but it’s also an impressive 11% lower than the national average. Plus, housing is 29% cheaper than the U.S. average.

The national average for living costs, on the other hand, is about $1,784 a month, or $61,334 a year. If you decide to move to Fort Wayne, you’re likely to notice that things are generally more affordable; this includes mortgages and rent payments, as well as everyday living costs like groceries and electricity.

The benefits of having a low cost of living vary but generally mean that you are going to be able to save more money while maintaining the same quality of life and access to amenities and services.

If this is something that’s important to you, as it is to many people who move to Fort Wayne, Indiana, you may want to consider calculating your expenses and how they might change if you move there.

Strong Housing Market

Fort Wayne is also very well-known for its strong housing market. While other places in the U.S. are suffering, in Fort Wayne, you’re likely to find a house within your budget, especially compared to the national average. This has only increased as the number of people moving into the city grows.

When scoping out housing, you’ll likely notice that there are a lot of new homes and apartment complexes in Fort Wayne’s real estate market. This is part of the city’s reaction to the influx of new residents.

On average, housing costs are an impressive 29% lower in Fort Wayne than they are in the rest of the country. They’re even 9% lower than they are in the rest of Indiana, something that has attracted a lot of new residents from neighboring cities and towns to move into Fort Wayne.

The average monthly rent in the city is around $1,077, the average home price is around $290,000, and the average mortgage rate is 4.85%.

Friendly Community

In Fort Wayne, Indiana, you’re going to experience one of the friendliest communities you could hope for. It has a distinctive midwestern vibe that sets it apart from other areas of the state and other states in the area.

Like many cities in Northeast Indiana, Fort Wayne embodies midwestern hospitality, seen through strangers’ politeness and a generally helpful and friendly sense of behavior wherever you go. The residents are also known for working together on community projects, supporting one another, and taking care of their city in a way you might not have experienced before.

There is a strong sense of belonging in the town as well, and not just among those who grew up there. Many people move here and realize that it’s the home and the community they’ve been looking for.

Short Commutes

Another reason that people are moving to Fort Wayne, Indiana, is because of the commute times. It’s not a huge city, but even then, the city planning is set out so that, compared to other major cities, it’s very easy to get around.

There is minimal congestion in the city, and because of the open housing market, it’s very easy to find a home near where you’re planning on working. Many residents choose to bike or walk to work instead of driving. Plus, there is easy-to-use public transit available.

Something you’re also likely to notice is the growing number of bike lanes in the city. These have been developed over the previous few years to make it even easier for those without cars, or who would rather ride a bike, to get safely around town. Another reason the communities are so short is because of the number of amenities in the city. You’re never too far from a school, business area, grocery store, etc.

Of course, this is going to depend on the neighborhood that you decide to move to. Some popular neighborhoods include Maplewood Park, LaCabreah, West Central, Casselwood Terrace, and Maumee Terrace.

Arts & Culture

Arts and culture are another big reason people are moving to Fort Wayne. The city features several art galleries, including Orchard Gallery-Fine Arts, Castle Gallery, and Artlink, as well as the Fort Wayne Museum of Art.

These various artistic institutions regularly hold exhibitions and gatherings that the community flocks to. They also provide an important platform for artists to showcase their talents and promote their businesses. No matter what kind of art you’re interested in, it will likely be found within Fort Wayne. The Fort Wayne Museum of Art is a great institution that stands Out Among the rest. It includes both contemporary and traditional art with a very large American collection.

If you love museums, you might also want to check out The History Center, the Fort Wayne Firefighters Museum, and the Fort Wayne Air Museum. The History Center is a very interesting place to spend time. There, you can see various artifacts and exhibitions that document and preserve the narrative of the city and its inhabitants. At the firefighter museum, you can explore the professions of honorable local firefighters and how it has evolved.

If you’re more interested in air travel, then the Fort Wayne Air Museum is for you. It features exhibits that include vintage aircraft and insights into Indiana’s aviation history.

These are all fantastic places to learn about the history of the city and the many residents that make it as loveable as it is. Plus, there are several festivals like the Johnny Appleseed Festival  to enjoy every year in which art plays a major role.

Local Sports

Sports are a big deal in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The city is home to the Fort Wayne Tincaps, a minor-league baseball team that plays at Parkview Field. They have a fairly new stadium with a family-friendly atmosphere and various activities for visitors of all ages to enjoy, no matter if you’re a baseball fan or a hockey fan.

If you’re new to the area, attending one of these games is a great way to get acquainted with the city’s vibe and support your local community.

Another local sports team is the Fort Wayne Komets–an ice hockey team. They play at the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum and have a very passionate fan base, something that you’re no doubt going to notice as soon as you get there. Even if you’ve never been to an ice hockey game before, you and your family are likely to have a great time.

The city is also home to the Fort Wayne Mad Ants, a basketball team. They are an NBA G League team.

These teams play around the city and are great weekend activities for families with children. Plus, it’s very easy to get into any of these games by buying tickets online or showing up to the field ahead of time. Attending one of these games is a great way to connect with your local community and even make some friends in your new city.

Green Spaces

If sports and art aren’t for you, you might be attracted to the range of green public parks and spaces the city offers. The city is home to a range of parks, including Franke Park, Shoaff Park, Headwaters Park, and Roosevelt Park. Some are better for kids, while others are better suited for those hoping for a quiet walk by themselves along miles of trails.

The parks in Fort Wayne are favorites of families of all ages in the area. In fact, there are around 85 parks throughout the cities, coming in at around 2,400 acres of parkland.

In the summer, you can take your young ones to the park for the city’s annual ‘Summer in the Parks,” where kids can enjoy free activities. There are also youth centers at Jennings and Weisser where you can sign up for kids’ programs.


Fort Wayne is a friendly city and a popular area for young families due to its parks, fun family activities, and its fantastic schools. The area is known for being home to high-quality schools, found in the Southwest Allen and Northwest Allen County Schools districts. If you’re moving here with young kids, you can rest assured that the schools in the area will do a fantastic job with them with plenty of educational opportunities.

These fort wayne community schools, natural lakes, and quiet neighborhoods are complemented by higher education institutions like Purdue University Fort Wayne and the University of Saint Francis. The city is also home to Ivy Tech Community College Fort Wayne and Indiana Tech. Plus, the city isn’t far from Indiana University and Indiana Institute of Technology.

Families might also be interested in spending time at the city’s museums, visiting the Fort Wayne children’s zoo, some of the city’s 80-some parks, and attending various festivals held throughout the year, including the Three Rivers Festival.

Job Market

Fort Wayne has a bustling job market, which is one of the many reasons that people decide to move there. There are several well-established companies in the area, some of which have long histories dating back to the booming manufacturing era in Indiana. Some of the major companies in the region include Steel Dynamics and Zimmer Biomet.

Around the city, there are plenty of other places where people find and enjoy working. These include jobs in the financial and insurance sectors, such as the Brotherhood Mutual Insurance company, or in the IT sector with employers like Purdue University, the City of Fort Wayne, and Sondhi Solutions.

Other job possibilities range from the retail and hospitality sectors to education. With several school districts and universities in the area, there are often potential teaching jobs to explore. There are also lots of retail stores and restaurants in the area, so these part-time or full-time jobs are also fairly easy to come by.

Some of the best stores in the area to get a job include Fancy & Staple, The Find, Marshalls, the Urban Hippie, Macy’s, and Friends of the Third World. Each of these has something different to offer and contributes to the city’s overall booming economy.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is Fort Wayne a good place to move?

Yes, Fort Wayne is generally considered a very good place to move. It’s known for its low cost of living, arts and culture scene, great schools, job opportunities, green spaces, and recreational activities, as well as its friendly, midwestern vibe.

Why are people moving to Fort Wayne, Indiana?

People are moving to Fort Wayne, Indiana, because the city is a great place to raise a family or find a new job in an affordable atmosphere. It has a very low cost of living compared to the national average, a booming job market, and a great housing market for those looking to move.

Is Fort Wayne expensive to live in?

Compared to other cities, Fort Wayne is not expensive to live in. In fact, it ranks 11% lower than the national cost of living. Most people find that it’s one of the most affordable places they’ve lived. This is one of the reasons that so many people are moving to Fort Wayne.

What is the average wage in Fort Wayne?

The average wage in Fort Wayne, Indiana, is about $950 a week or $4,000 a month. Most people range between $33,900 and $63,400 per year. But, these numbers will vary depending on one’s job and career path.

Does it snow in Fort Wayne, Indiana?

Yes, annually (on average), there is about 33.6” of snow a year in Fort Wayne, Indiana. But more than 6” at a time is very rare, so most people find it fairly easy to contend with.

Who is the largest employer in Fort Wayne, Indiana?

The largest employer in Fort Wayne, Indiana, is Steel Dynamics. They are followed by Latham Pool, Franklin Electric, and Lutheran Health Network. Steel Dynamics is one of the largest steel producers and metal recyclers in the U.S.

Is Fort Wayne a walkable city?

Yes, Fort Wayne is considered a walkable city. You likely won’t walk from one side to another, but there are plenty of areas where you don’t need a car to get around. There are a lot of shops and restaurants within walking distance of most suburban areas.

What is Fort Wayne most known for?

Fort Wayne is most known for its manufacturing heritage, its sports teams, Purdue University Fort Wayne, and its large outdoor areas. Many people also move there for jobs in the manufacturing sector.

What is the average electric bill in Fort Wayne, Indiana?

The average electric bill in Fort Wayne is around $170 a month. This is slightly more than average across the country, which is around $120 a month.

Does Fort Wayne have a city tax?

There is no specific Fort Wayne city tax, but Indiana does have a 7% sales tax that you may want to consider before moving to the area.

Final Thoughts

Fort Wayne, Indiana, is a very popular city known for its family-friendly communities, excellent school districts, vibrant arts and culture scene, recreational opportunities, job market, and more. It’s a great place to move to if you’re hoping to make a career change, find an affordable yet very safe place to raise your family, or are looking for somewhere to live with a bigger art scene.

The city’s strong economy, low housing prices, affordable price points at grocery stores, the arts community, and low cost of living make it a great choice for families or individuals who are looking for a new start in a new town or are just starting to establish themselves.

If you’re thinking about moving to the city, make sure to take the time to explore the large job market, attend a game, and spend time exploring the 80+ parks the city offers.

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