Here Are a Few Important Things To Remember When Moving to Leonard Wood

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Moving to a new place can be daunting and comes with its own set of challenges. However, a little research and planning can go a long way in making this transition smooth and stress-free. If your next destination is Fort Leonard Wood, this guide can be an essential asset in your relocation journey.

Located south of Interstate 44, this popular duty station is a haven for military families and public applicants. Before browsing for homes for sale in Missouri near Fort Leonard Wood, some preparation and research is needed. Here are a few essential things to keep in mind before packing your bags to make your transition to Leonard Wood as smooth as possible.

Researching the Area

Understanding your new duty station before moving is vital for a successful transition. Fort Leonard Wood is a thriving military community housing active duty service members, civilian employees, and even military retirees.

Moreover, Fort Leonard Wood’s history is rich with military traditions, making it an ideal location for those who share a bond with the forces.

Various amenities and facilities are available on the base, ensuring an exceptional and stress-free living experience. Splash parks, community centers, sports courts, and tennis courts are just some of the facilities that make Leonard Wood a family-friendly community. Moreover, several excellent elementary schools on post ensure quality education.

As for transportation, Fort Leonard Wood is strategically located in south-central Missouri, on Interstate 44, offering easy access to nearby cities and attractions.

Finding the Right Accommodation

The key to a comfortable stay in any location is finding the right accommodation that suits your family size and lifestyle.

Missouri real estate at Fort Leonard Wood is abundant and diverse. Balfour Beatty Communities, in partnership with the military, manage the on-post housing, offering a range of options from rental homes to apartments with various bedroom floor plans.

Some of the friendly neighborhoods are Leonard Wood’s Eagle Point Neighborhood for E5-E9 service members, offering a mix of housing styles. These include homes with fully-equipped kitchens, garages, porches, and ample outdoor living space, all set within vibrant residential communities.

Fort Leonard Wood Homes and Apartments, managed by the Fort Leonard Wood Housing Office, are another excellent choice. These homes are known for their central heating systems, modern amenities, and proximity to essential services like the Fort Leonard Wood Installation Access Control Points.

Managing Your Finances

Financial planning is another crucial aspect of your move to Leonard Wood. Start by creating a moving budget and estimating your expenses. It’s important to consider the cost of living in Leonard Wood, which can differ significantly from your current location.

The Fort Leonard Wood Army Housing Office can provide guidance and resources on housing costs, financial assistance, and more. Furthermore, they can answer all your housing concerns and provide insights into housing availability based on your ranking, family size, and other preferences.

Establishing Local Connections

Moving to a new location like Fort Leonard Wood may seem intimidating, but establishing connections with the local community can help you quickly feel at home.

In addition to being a military base, Leonard Wood is also a vibrant residential community with numerous opportunities to socialize and make friends. Participating in community events and joining local organizations or clubs is an excellent way to meet new people and immerse yourself in the local culture.

Navigating Essential Services

As with any relocation, understanding the availability and location of essential services is crucial.

Fort Leonard Wood is a self-contained community with many necessary amenities available on base. For instance, medical facilities are accessible to all base residents, providing comprehensive healthcare services.

The installation borders also encompass several quality schools, like Partridge Elementary School and Waynesville High School, making it convenient for families with school-aged children.

Final Tips and Recommendations

Relocating to Fort Leonard Wood can be a rewarding experience if approached with proper planning and a positive attitude. When preparing for your move, organizing your belongings efficiently is essential.

Consider your new home’s floor plan to determine what furniture and other items you need.

Remember to notify essential parties about your move. This includes banks, insurance providers, postal services, and any subscriptions or services you currently use. Most of these organizations allow for easy address updates through their online portals.

Key Takeaways

Moving to Fort Leonard Wood offers a unique and rewarding experience, thanks to its rich military history, vibrant community, and abundant housing options. The key to a successful transition lies in adequate research, meticulous planning, and building connections within the community.

Whether you’re an active-duty service member, a military retiree, or a civilian employee, Fort Leonard Wood promises a fulfilling living experience.

Start your journey by browsing the properties at eXp Realty and sign up for daily or weekly alerts of new property listings as they come on the market. If you’re in the area, you have the option to attend open houses and see some potential dwellings for yourself and your loved ones.

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FAQs: Fort Leonard Wood Housing

Here are some frequently asked questions about Fort Knox and moving to Fort Leonard Wood:

Can civilians live on base at Fort Leonard Wood?

Yes. Qualified military retirees, DOD civilians, general public applicants, and active-duty service members can apply for military housing at Fort Leonard Wood.

Where to live when stationed at Fort Leonard Wood?

Military families looking for homes near Fort Leonard Wood often search for housing in the nearby towns of Waynesville and St. Robert, located to the north.

Who gets stationed at Fort Leonard Wood?

The U.S. Army Maneuver Support Center of Excellence is located at Fort Leonard Wood. This is where training is provided to Chemical, Engineer, and Military Police Soldiers, along with many other servicemen and women, including Marines, Airmen, Sailors, Coast Guardsmen, and international students from allied nations.

Is Leonard Wood open to the public?

Fort Leonard Wood is a military installation, and while it does host public events such as graduation ceremonies, access is typically restricted.

Is Missouri cheap to live in?

The cost of living in Missouri is approximately 9% lower than the national average, with housing prices being 19% below other states’ averages and utilities 6% cheaper than the rest of the US. Groceries and clothing cost 7% less in this area compared to the rest of the country.

Which airport is closest to Fort Leonard Wood?

The closest major airport to Fort Leonard Wood, Waynesville-St. Robert Regional Airport is about 15 miles away. Springfield-Branson National Airport is the nearest major airport, around 90 miles away.

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