Take a Look at the Housing Opportunities in Eielson Air Force Base

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Whether you’ve received new orders or are considering a family move, the housing opportunities at Eielson Air Force Base are plentiful.

Many Alaska real estate options are available in or near the base —from Eielson AFB on-base housing to off-base neighborhoods. Houses for sale off-base present an opportunity to experience Alaskan community life, with close proximity to Eielson AFB.

In this guide, we’ll explore the distinctive qualities of life on and off base, along with what might make either ideal for a specific type of person.

Overview of Eielson Air Force Base

Located 26 miles southeast of Fairbanks in the interior of Alaska, Eielson Air Force Base is a crucial component of America’s strategic defense. Surrounded by the striking Alaskan wilderness, the base offers a unique blend of military importance and natural beauty.

Eielson AFB is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, with countless recreational activities, from fishing and hunting to hiking and snowmobiling—not dissimilar to what you would experience in residential neighborhoods.

On-base Housing

For many military families, the convenience of Eielson AFB on base housing is a significant draw. The base offers a variety of housing options managed by Corvias Military Living. From single-family homes to townhouses and apartments, these accommodations provide a sense of community and security, often unparalleled by civilian neighborhoods.

Corvias Military Living’s on-base housing is designed to cater to the needs of active duty personnel, with features like 24-hour emergency maintenance service, complete referral services, and exceptional customer service as a privatized housing community.

Off-base Housing

Off-base housing options near Eielson AFB present a compelling alternative for those preferring a bit more privacy or larger living spaces.

Fairbanks, the nearest city, offers a range of accommodation options, from apartments to standalone houses for sale.

Living off-base also allows military families to immerse themselves fully in civilian communities, providing a broader range of experiences and interactions.

Homes for rent typically involve a one-year lease agreement for rental properties. Rent is also much more costly off-base, which may be a factor for military families prioritizing affordability. Most homes for sale range from $100K to $300K, although our agents will work to find you the best deal.

Several communities, such as Moose Creek and North Pole, are popular among military families due to their proximity to the base and excellent local amenities. Unfortunately, the high demand makes it a little more difficult to find Alaska homes for sale in these areas.

Fairbanks is the largest city within the interior region of Alaska, and second largest within the state—with a total population of around 32,000 civilians. The zip code for Eielson also falls within Fairbanks, as a 99702.

Fairbanks North Star Borough boasts good schools, including Anderson Elementary School and Crawford Elementary School, making it a more desirable location for those with children.

Cost of Living

When considering a move to Eielson Air Force Base, it’s important to understand the cost of living, including monthly rent.

Alaska’s living expenses can be higher than in other states due to its more remote location, but the financial incentives available to military personnel can help offset these costs. For instance, those stationed at Eielson AFB are entitled to a cost of living allowance (COLA) due to the high cost of goods and services in Alaska.

Housing accommodations range from Eielson AFB on base housing, which comes with a predetermined allotment, to off-base rentals where the average rent varies depending on the size and location of the property. Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) should cover most of your monthly rent.

Compared to other military bases or nearby cities, the cost of living at Eielson AFB is balanced, particularly considering the incentives provided to military personnel.

Community Support

Living in Eielson Air Force Base provides a strong sense of community. Military families can enjoy a network of support services, designed to ease the challenges of military life.

From comprehensive childcare and educational services to high-quality healthcare facilities, the base ensures that all community members are well-cared for.

Local businesses and organizations in the surrounding areas also play an active role in supporting military families. Several special discounts and services are available exclusively for service members and their families.

Key Takeaways

Eielson AFB offers military family housing opportunities, including on-base and off-base. From the convenience of on-base living to the broader experiences provided by off-base housing, there’s a suitable option for every family.

Presently available financial incentives and community support make Eielson AFB desirable for service members and their families. However, it’s essential to evaluate all available options and make a well-informed decision through the experience of a local eXp real estate agent.

You can start performing a custom home search in the areas near the base and sign up for daily or weekly updates on new properties in your desired areas. Also, if you plan to visit Eielson AFB before choosing a home that fits your needs, consider attending open houses in the area.

Frequently Asked Questions: Eielson AFB Housing

As with any significant move, relocating to Eielson AFB involves asking important questions. Here are answers to the most common inquiries:

Where to live near Eielson AFB?

Some popular off-base housing areas near Eielson AFB include Fairbanks, North Pole, and Salcha. Each provides a unique Alaskan living experience and is within a reasonable distance from the base.

Can civilians live on Eielson AFB?

Typically, on-base housing is reserved for active duty military personnel, their families, and sometimes, retired military personnel. Civilian contractors and Department of Defense employees (including DOD contractors) may be eligible for on-base housing. Active military personnel and their families will not be required to pay an application fee.

How many people live on Eielson AFB?

The population of Eielson AFB fluctuates, but it’s home to an average of 2,500 active duty personnel and their families, with additional civilian personnel and contractors.

Going to Eielson, what should I know?

Prepare for the cold. The winters at Eielson AFB can be extremely chilly, with temperatures well below zero. However, the air force housing community is tight-knit, and supportive.

Is Eielson a good base?

Eielson is considered a good base due to its strong communal support, military housing, comprehensive facilities, and stunning Alaskan surroundings. However, like any location, its suitability can depend on individual or family needs.

Why is Eielson AFB a Superfund Site?

Eielson was designated as a Superfund site because of past practices that led to soil and groundwater contamination with PFAS. The Air Force is actively involved in clean-up efforts to restore the site.

What is the biggest Air Force Base in Alaska?

The largest Air Force Base in Alaska by land size is Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, located near Anchorage. Eielson AFB, though smaller, still plays a crucial role in the defense infrastructure of the United States.

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