Your Comprehensive Guide to the Best Suburbs of Columbus, Ohio

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When you are looking to move to the Columbus area in Franklin County, also known as “Arch City,” you may feel limited to living directly in the city. After all, that is where you’ll find Nationwide Arena, art galleries, corporate headquarters, Ohio State University, Franklin University, Entrepreneurial Center, and many other attractions.

However, the natural beauty of the Columbus suburbs offers a lot in the way of convenient access to family-friendly amenities, diverse homes for sale, and a wide variety of recreational activities and attractions.

Follow along to find out the best suburbs of Columbus, OH, and when you’re ready to start your search, you’ll know the best place to look for your new home in Columbus, Ohio.


The suburb of Bexley is a straight shot down US 62 on the south side of Columbus, near German Village. Bexley is known as a college town and is home to Capital University Law School and near Columbus State. As one of Central Ohio’s most popular suburbs, it houses just under 13,000 residents.

Throughout the blocks of Bexley, you will find mainly large houses, some up to 4,000 square feet, and various apartment complexes for rent. Houses for sale in Bexley generally have a median home price of $521K.

The public school system includes Bexley High School and several private and charter schools. Children who attend these schools benefit from high test scores and graduation rates.

Within Bexley, you will find familiar retail chains along East Main Street, such as Lowes, Kroger, and Target. When it comes to cultural attractions, you will have opportunities to visit Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, Drexel Theater, and Wolfe Park.


While this Dublin is located in Ohio and not Ireland, you will find the annual Dublin Irish Fest to be one of Columbus’ best events of the year. The celebration is one of the most popular cultural events in the central Ohio area, and local residents look forward to it annually. Another infamous event is the PGA Memorial Tournament, which brings all the top golf stars to the neighborhood and the Bridge Street District.

Dublin, Ohio, which is in the eastern neighborhood of Plain City, has a population that hovers around 50,000. There are many top-rated schools in the suburb within Dublin City School Systems. Among the various buildings are 14 elementary schools, five middle schools, and three high schools, including Dublin Coffman and Dublin Jerome, ranked number 15 in Ohio.

The traditional single-family homes in Dublin have a median home price of $539K. You can also find apartments for rent at affordable prices. Dublin is home to the Mall at Tuttle Crossing and Homestead Metro Park, but you can also find standard retail chains like Costco, Trader Joe’s, and Crumbl Cookies. Along with a slew of coffee shops and other local eateries, Dublin is just a short drive from the Arena District.


At the Southwest corner of Dublin and northwest Columbus and Grove City, you will find the Columbus suburb of Hilliard. The neighborhood has many natural and cultural influences, including the Noor Islamic Cultural Center, the Columbus Metropolitan Library, Heritage Trail Dog Park, and Roger A. Reynolds Municipal Park.

When driving through Hilliard, you will come across many antique shops, unique cafes, and restaurants locals love visiting among the beautiful homes. This area also has top-rated schools that are a huge draw for families moving to the neighborhood.

Within Hilliard City School District, you will find 12 elementary schools, two excellent schools specifically for 6th grade, three middle schools, three high schools, an assortment of preschool buildings, and a number of online schooling opportunities. You will also find a few private schools within the city limits.

The homes in Hilliard have a median home price of $429K. The area also offers apartments for rent with options from studio apartments to 2-bedroom spaces. The population of Hilliard comes in at just under 40,000; therefore, the suburb is significantly smaller than Columbus proper but more prominent than other neighborhoods.


If you are looking for a suburb of Columbus that is a few minutes’ drive from downtown and caters to small festivals, annual events, and family activities, you will enjoy residing in the area of Gahanna. With a similar population size to Hilliard, you will find the same type of atmosphere as its neighbor with charming homes near Ohio State University.

The median home price in Gahanna comes in at $250,000. Homes for sale in Gahanna are only on the market for a short time, so move quickly when buying.

The Central Ohio suburb of Gahanna has a number of nature preserves and parks within city limits, including:

  • Bryn Mawr Woods
  • Woodside Green Park
  • Creekside Park
  • Headley Public Park
  • Minerva Park
  • Alum Creek
  • Hannah Park

Regarding schools, Gahanna is a popular choice, with some of the most highly-rated options in the greater Columbus area. You will find seven elementary schools around the neighborhood, three middle schools, one high school, and a preschool program. Gahanna schools celebrate a high graduation rate, with many students continuing their education in college programs.

New Albany

When you enter the affluent suburb of New Albany, you will notice white picket fences on the homes for sale. This small-town feel and look are due to the influence of Victoria’s Secret founder Les Wexner, who had a hand in developing the neighborhood with the inclusion of stark white fences. The population of New Albany is smaller than the other suburbs, with around 11,000 residents.

You will find many high-end establishments within the walkable community of New Albany. These include the New Albany Country Club, Wolcott Manor at New Albany, New Albany Meta Data Center, and the Zarley Industrial Park.

The median home price in New Albany is $679K, making it an attractive option for those looking for high-value real estate. Apartment buildings in the area come with a higher monthly rent than other suburbs.

When it comes to the school systems in the area, over 4,000 students are in attendance with over 300 teachers, with a top school ranking. The district offers its residents one elementary school, an early learning city center, and intermediate, middle, and high school. Summer camp programs are also available to students and families throughout the affluent community.


The neighborhood of Powell is North of Columbus and offers some of the most popular attractions in Central Ohio. You will find the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, various parks, and a number of recreational facilities. In terms of location, Powell is on the edge of the Olentangy High Bluffs, a name common across many establishments in the area.

The population of Powell is lower than other neighborhoods in the central Ohio area, with about 4,000 residents. If you’re looking at homes for sale in Powell, they will typically have a median price of $499,000.

While the population of Powell, Ohio, is smaller than other areas, they offer more schools than you might expect, with a national test average higher than other towns. Between 16 elementary schools, five middle schools, and four high schools, in addition to one preschool, you are given numerous options for your child’s education, including charter schools.

Upper Arlington

When you navigate the streets of Upper Arlington, located near Grandview Heights, you will notice that the houses are a bit older. Between the historic homes and new builds, you will also find eclectic boutique shops that sell high-quality products and dining options sprinkled throughout the suburb that serve incredible food. Within Upper Arlington, you will also find the Ohio State University Golf Club, Scioto Country Club, and the Scioto River.

Located west of Columbus, Upper Arlington has a population of just under 40,000 residents. The average price of homes in Upper Arlington is $400,000.

In addition to four elementary schools, two middle, and a high school, the Upper Arlington City School District offers other forms of education. The most unique is the district’s progressive school, which utilizes methods from various teaching methods. Upper Arlington also has an early education building and a digital access online program.


On the Southeast corner of Columbus and just a few miles from downtown is the suburb town of Pickerington, Ohio. One of the area’s most notable attractions is the Motorcycle Hall of Fame. Therefore, you will see many visitors coming in throughout the year to visit the establishment and the many other noteworthy attractions in Columbus.

The population of Pickerington is around 24,000, and the median price for a Pickerington home for sale is around $400,000.

Within the boundaries of the Pickerington school district, you will find a preschool, virtual academy, alternative school, seven elementary buildings, five middle schools, and two high schools. Parents boast about the positive attributes of the school district, including excellent digital access to grades and teachers.


Let’s look at some frequently asked questions about the suburbs of Columbus and what makes them a great choice for families.

What County is Columbus, OH, in?

Columbus proper is located in Franklin County, while many of the surrounding suburbs may be in Fairfield or Delaware Counties.

What is the best area to live in Columbus, Ohio?

When finding the best area to live in the Columbus region, you will need to take stock of your preferences and price range, as each suburb has specific appeal and all are among the safest cities in the state.

Families may consider Powell or Upper Arlington for the excellent schooling options and high-value real estate. Young professionals may enjoy Bexley since it has so much to offer in the way of amenities and experiences. Whatever you are looking for, one of these Columbus suburbs should fit the bill.

Is Cleveland or Columbus better?

As two of the most popular cities in Ohio, Cleveland and Columbus both have much to offer. Whereas Columbus houses The Ohio State University, Cleveland has a lot of cultural attractions like the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The best choice will depend on what you favor in a city’s offerings.

Is Columbus, Ohio, better than Cincinnati?

The vibrant city of Cincinnati is home to many top attractions in Ohio. However, many people travel to the Columbus area to take in football games at Ohio State University or shop, among other activities. It’s difficult to declare one city better than the other due to their variety of characteristics, and which one is better is dependent on what you need as a homebuyer.

Is Columbus, Ohio, better than Chicago?

The cities of Columbus, Ohio, and Chicago, Illinois, are completely different. Not only do they reside in separate states, but Chicago is a major hub in the United States, whereas Columbus is a more laid-back and residential city. However, determining which is better depends on what characteristics you look for in a hometown, whether you enjoy city life, and what resources you want available to you.

Is it a good idea to move to Columbus, Ohio?

With a population of almost 1,000,000 residents, Columbus, Ohio, has many who love to call the city home. The area is lower in crime than other large cities and there are an abundance of excellent primary and secondary schooling options.

It offers many recreational and cultural attractions, as well as quality schools like Dominion Middle School, Columbus Preparatory Academy, Columbus College of Art and Design, Franklin University, Ohio State, and Columbus State Community College.

What are the growing suburbs of Columbus, Ohio?

While we list many of the most popular suburbs of Columbus in this comprehensive guide, many others are rapidly growing in size. If you want to check out some of these locations, you should look into Canal Winchester, Grandview Heights, Plain City, Grove City, and Reynoldsburg.

Final Thoughts

Columbus, Ohio, has become a popular residence for many during the twentieth century, including those looking for an attractive option to relocate with family. The city has many suburbs outside its boundaries but offers many of the same favorable amenities as Columbus, making it a great choice for families.

Whether it is Grandview Heights, Powell, Grove City, Plain City, German Village, New Albany, Lincoln Village, or Commercial Point, you are bound to find the perfect corner of the capital city of Ohio.

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