These Are the Top 12 Aurora Neighborhoods

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Aurora is a beautiful and fairly young city outside of the Denver metro area, roughly 30 minutes away from downtown Denver. The housing market in Aurora neighborhoods is reasonable and enticing for young families right now.

This economically diverse city can accommodate many income levels, making it more accessible than Denver. If you’re thinking about moving to Aurora, CO, check out the 12 best neighborhoods in Aurora below!

Seven Hills

Population: 7,250
Median Income: $89,500
Median Home Price: $480K

Seven Hills is an intimate, safe neighborhood with a smaller population and a family-friendly vibe. It has a high safety score and offers some of the best schools in the state, making it ideal for young families. This up-and-coming neighborhood has plenty of single-family homes, grocery stores, parks, playgrounds, coffee shops, restaurants, and more.

Tallyn’s Reach

Population: 40,000
Median Income: $52,000
Median Home Price: $790K

Situated southeast of the city center, Tallyn’s Reach is a more populated Aurora neighborhood but is just as family-friendly and beautiful. It’s near the Saddle Rock Golf Club and downtown Aurora, with lots of hiking trails and spacious parks where you can enjoy the outdoors.

Tallyn’s Reach offers potential residents spacious homes for sale and townhouses on golf communities with access to amenities such as tennis courts and pools. The community also comprises local schools, recreation centers, and even a beach (SCUBA beach) which makes a great spot for families.

Mission Viejo

Population: 6,738
Median Income: $95,500
Median Home Price: $4523K

Mission Viejo is a charming Spanish-inspired community with energy-efficient homes and lots of new developments popping up. This up-and-coming neighborhood is ideal for young professionals, first-time home buyers, and retirees looking for an outdoorsy community that still has restaurants and shops. Plus, the school system is fantastic!

Heather Ridge

Population: 4,600
Median Income: $64,000
Median Home Price: $300K

Heather Ridge is one of the quieter Aurora neighborhoods with a small population. It has top-rated schools, many grocery stores, restaurants, and more. It mostly consists of elderly residents and retirees who love the golf courses, parks, and proximity to downtown Denver. Both Heather Ridge rent and home prices are generally affordable.

Saddle Rock

Population: 10,000
Median Income: $120,000
Median Home Price: $739.5K

Saddle Rock is a very neighborly area in Aurora, where most people know their neighbors and engage with the community. It’s home to the Saddle Rock Golf Club, among many other amenities. The area is still relatively affordable, but home prices are climbing as the area becomes more popular.

Aurora Highlands

Population: 10,000
Median Income: $77,600
Median Home Price: $438K

Aurora Highlands is relatively close to Denver and the Denver International Airport, making it a popular location for young professionals who like to travel and visit the city. It’s a standard suburb and consists of mostly young singles and families, thanks to the great schools and abundance of job opportunities. Highlights to this area, aside from the charming homes for sale include Highland Hollows Park and the commercial areas along Buckley Rd.


Population: 4,100
Median Income: $88,000
Median Home Price: $503K

Even though it is small, Lakeshore is one of the most diverse Aurora neighborhoods, with retirees, young families, young professionals, and everyone in between. It has a half-urban and half-suburban feel with proximity to parks and outdoor spaces, making it perfect for kids and outdoorsy folks. Locals have recreation centers, private schools, and community pools at their disposal in this community.

Chambers Heights

Population: 8,000
Median Income: $60,100
Median Home Price: $300.5K

Chamber Heights has many parks, coffee shops, small eateries, and other charming amenities that make it popular among young people looking for a slow suburban life. Most people in Chambers Heights rent rather than own. It’s a lovely and quaint neighborhood with a sleepy but modern vibe.

Pheasant Run

Population: 5,400
Median Income: $108,500
Median Home Price: $490K

Pheasant Run is one of the more spacious neighborhoods Aurora offers, with lots of lands and a small population. It’s popular among young professionals and families, as it’s very dog-friendly and safe. The community is close-knit and welcoming, with quality schools and plenty of open spaces for picnics and days at the park.


Population: 8,100
Median Income: $86,200
Median Home Price: $495K

Meadowood is a nice Aurora neighborhood with hiking trails, cute cul-de-sacs, and lots of dogs. It’s ideal for young families, as the school system is excellent and the community is very family-friendly. It’s a very convenient place to live because it’s easy to reach Denver, go on a hike, or go shopping without driving for more than 30 minutes.


Population: 75,500
Median Income: $86,200
Median Home Price: $520K

Conservatory is one of the largest and most densely packed Aurora neighborhoods. It’s a quiet neighborhood near many amenities, from hiking trails to shopping centers. Most properties have swimming pools and large yards and lawns, perfect for dogs and kids to play on! Almost every home in the neighborhood must report to an HOA.

Sterling Hills

Population: 9,400
Median Income: $86,300
Median Home Price: $525K

Sterling Hills is a very unpretentious neighborhood with lots of down-to-earth residents. There are several large parks, and the sidewalks are wide, making it perfect for long walks. Many children live in the area because of the quality of schools, and the neighborhood is considered one of the best neighborhoods in Aurora for young families.

FAQs: Aurora Neighborhoods

Below are some helpful answers to commonly asked questions about the top neighborhoods in Aurora, Colorado.

How many neighborhoods are in Aurora, Colorado?

Aurora is a large city and consists of 93 distinct constituent neighborhoods, so if you want to move to Denver and suburbs are particularly attractive, Aurora is a good bet.

What is the most expensive area in Aurora, CO?

Most consider the South Shore neighborhood to be the most expensive area in Aurora.

Is it cheaper to live in Aurora or Denver?

On average, Aurora’s cost of living is 7% lower than the cost of living in most Denver neighborhoods.

What is the best area of Aurora?

Most people consider Seven Hills the best neighborhood in Aurora because it has so much to offer.

What is Aurora famous for?

Aurora is known for being a large city with lots of golf courses, parks, and open spaces. It’s also known for being home to the Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum, Buckley Air Force Base, Cherry Creek State Park, and the Aurora History Museum.

Why live in Aurora, Colorado?

Aurora, Colorado, is a lovely place to live if you enjoy outdoor activities and want to be near a major city like Denver. It’s also a brilliant option for young families, thanks to the ample parks, kid-friendly attractions, and high-quality schools.

What are Aurora, Colorado’s sister cities?

The newest sister city to Aurora is Chihuahua, Mexico, but there are also sister and friendship cities in South Korea, Ethiopia, El Salvador, Poland, and Costa Rica.

What is the average cost of housing in Aurora, Colorado?

The average cost of housing in Aurora is around $520K, and the median price of Aurora real estate is around $475K.

What is the average family income in Aurora, Colorado?

The average family income in Colorado is around $72,000 a year.

Does Aurora, Colorado, get a lot of snow?

On average, Aurora sees over 60 inches of snowfall annually, so make sure you buy a shovel.

What’s it like living in Aurora?

Aurora has a strong family-friendly vibe, so it’s a welcoming and safe place to live. As the third most populous city in Colorado, it’s very spacious, giving you room to breathe and relax. Overall, it’s a beautiful balance between a busy city and a relaxing suburb with a tight-knit community.

What is the average electric bill in Aurora, CO?

The average electric bill in Aurora is about $123 a month, around $1,475 annually.

Final Thoughts

Aurora is a wonderful city for all demographics, from young professionals to retirees to new families. If you want to move here, make sure you enlist an experienced and knowledgeable real estate agent to help you navigate the ever-changing housing market and find your dream location.

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