These 7 Auburn Neighborhoods are the Best in the City

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Nestled in Placer County, Auburn, CA, is a gem of a city brimming with history, spectacular views, and a welcoming community spirit. Recognized for its comfortable cost of living and robust real estate market, Auburn attracts a diverse crowd, from families to retirees.

This article will help you explore the best neighborhoods in Auburn, CA, offering insights into each area’s unique charm, public schools, amenities, and more. If you’re someone looking to move to Auburn, CA, keep reading to discover everything this vibrant city offers.

7 Best Neighborhoods in Auburn CA

Each of these neighborhoods offers its unique charm and lifestyle, catering to a diverse range of preferences. Let’s delve into these gems from Auburn, CA. .

Old Town Auburn

Population: 12,300
Median Income: $63,500
Median Home Price: $435K

With its historic charm and scenic views, Old Town Auburn is a sought-after neighborhood in Auburn. Homes for sale here often attract buyers looking for a peaceful, small-town atmosphere with the bonus of proximity to modern amenities. The area’s robust housing market offers various price options, catering to different budgets.

Old Town Auburn is renowned for its well-regarded school districts, featuring schools like Bowman Charter School among its quality elementary schools and middle schools. Placer High School, known for its high academic standards, also serves this Auburn neighborhood.

Old Town Auburn offers a fulfilling lifestyle with a variety of American-style restaurants, quaint boutiques, and attractions like the Auburn State Recreation Area nearby. Its access to quality health care services, including Auburn Eye Care Associates, further enhances the appeal for families and older adults.

Downtown Auburn

Population: 14,500
Median Income: $72,000
Median Home Price: $450K


Downtown Auburn is the city’s vibrant heart, bustling with activity and exuding an energetic vibe. With its diverse range of homes for sale, the real estate scene in Downtown Auburn is dynamic, offering housing options that fit various price ranges and lifestyle preferences.

Public schools in Downtown Auburn, part of the Applicable School District, are highly rated, making it an attractive neighborhood for families. The close-knit community here also values education, with an average school expenditure that’s higher than the national average.

With plenty of American restaurants, shops, and recreational opportunities, Downtown Auburn always has something to do. The Auburn Town Center and Auburn Ravine Rd are popular spots frequented by residents and visitors alike. It’s also conveniently located near Interstate 80, offering easy access to bigger cities like San Francisco.

The Grid

Population: 8,600
Median Income: $70,000
Median Home Price: $420K

The Grid is another delightful neighborhood in Auburn. This bustling residential area is known for its charming homes and beautiful city views. The Grid real estate market is thriving, with various homes for sale that suit different tastes and budgets.

The Grid is also home to highly rated public schools, making it an ideal place for families. Its school districts boast a strong reputation with excellent middle schools and the respected Placer High School.

Notable for its accessibility, The Grid is close to Downtown Auburn and Interstate 80, providing easy access to the rest of the city and beyond. Residents can enjoy various local amenities, including American-style restaurants, stores, and entertainment venues, while benefiting from its proximity to quality healthcare services.

Hidden Falls Park

Population: 6,700
Median Income: $68,500
Median Home Price: $410K

Hidden Falls Park is a serene neighborhood with sprawling green spaces and scenic beauty. The area’s housing market is robust, with various Auburn homes for sale that cater to different price ranges.

The neighborhood is well-suited for outdoor enthusiasts and families, with the eponymous Hidden Falls Park offering hiking trails and spectacular views. Schools in this area, such as Bowman Charter School, are part of the reputable school districts in Auburn.

Despite its peaceful setting, Hidden Falls Park is well-connected via Interstate 80, providing easy commutes to the city center and the neighboring zip codes. It offers a balance of tranquility and convenience, making it a compelling choice for those seeking a laid-back lifestyle without being too far from city conveniences.

Woodland Estates

Population: 10,400
Median Income: $74,000
Median Home Price: $475K

Woodland Estates, known for its stunning homes and family-friendly environment, is a sought-after neighborhood in Auburn. The vibrant real estate market features a range of homes for sale, from cozy bungalows to larger family homes, fitting various price ranges.

Public schools in Woodland Estates are among the best in the region, with elementary and middle schools known for their academic excellence. The area also enjoys access to quality healthcare services and a wide range of amenities.

With an array of recreational spots, including parks and trails, Woodland Estates offers an active lifestyle for its residents. Its proximity to Downtown Auburn ensures residents are always close to entertainment, shopping, and dining options.

Gold Country

Population: 7,500
Median Income: $72,000
Median Home Price: $450K

Gold Country, located in Placer County, is a historic Auburn neighborhood with a quaint charm. The area’s vibrant real estate market offers a diverse range of homes for sale, appealing to different tastes and budgets.

This neighborhood, steeped in California’s Gold Rush history, offers a rich culture and unique attractions such as the Gold Country Museum. It is perfect for history enthusiasts, families, and retirees alike.

The neighborhood has excellent public schools and easy access to healthcare facilities like the nearby Auburn Eye Care Associates. Gold Country residents enjoy a peaceful and comfortable lifestyle, surrounded by rolling hills and scenic landscapes, while just a short drive from Downtown Auburn and major highways, ensuring convenience in commuting and access to amenities.

The Hills

Population: 9,000
Median Income: $73,500
Median Home Price: $460K

The Hills is a scenic neighborhood in Auburn, offering spectacular views of the surrounding area. Its strong real estate market is characterized by various homes for sale, fitting different price ranges.

The neighborhood has a tranquil ambiance ideal for retirees and families seeking a calm, residential atmosphere. Local amenities, including parks and trails, are abundant in this area, encouraging an active, outdoor lifestyle.

The Hills also host good public schools and are close to healthcare facilities, providing a well-rounded lifestyle for its residents. The neighborhood’s strategic location allows for easy access to Interstate 80 and is just a short drive from Auburn’s city center, offering the best of peaceful living and city conveniences.

Frequently Asked Questions: Best Neighborhoods in Auburn, CA

Here are answers to some of the most common questions people ask about Auburn.

Is Auburn CA expensive to live?

Compared to the national average, the cost of living in Auburn, CA, is higher, mainly driven by housing prices. According to, the overall cost of living index in Auburn, CA, is 134.5 while the housing cost index is 204.2. However, the city’s high quality of life, safety, and amenities offset the higher cost.

What is it like to live in Auburn, California?

Living in Auburn, California, offers residents a small-town charm with all the benefits of a larger city. Known for its rich history, recreational opportunities, and excellent schools, Auburn offers a high-quality lifestyle with outdoor activities, cultural events, and local markets.

Does Auburn CA have a downtown?

Auburn, CA, has a vibrant downtown filled with historical sites, unique shops, art galleries, and various dining options. Downtown Auburn is the city’s cultural heart and hosts various events and festivals throughout the year.

What is the city of Auburn CA known for?

Auburn, CA, is known for its rich Gold Rush history and outdoor recreation opportunities. The city is also home to the Auburn State Recreation Area, offering vast space for hiking, biking, and water activities.

What is the most expensive neighborhood in Auburn?

The most expensive neighborhood in Auburn often fluctuates depending on the housing market. However, neighborhoods like The Hills and Gold Country consistently have higher home prices due to their luxurious offerings and fantastic views.

What is the tax rate for the city of Auburn CA?

As of my knowledge cutoff in 2021, the combined sales tax rate for Auburn, CA, is 7.25%. However, checking the most recent data is advisable, as tax rates can change over time.

What is the coldest month in Auburn CA?

The coldest month in Auburn, CA, is typically December, with average low temperatures around 35 degrees Fahrenheit.

What are the suburbs of Auburn?

Auburn’s suburbs include Bowman, Cool, Applegate, and Meadow Vista. These communities offer a mix of urban and rural living, all within a short drive from Auburn.

Final Thoughts

Choosing a home in Auburn, CA, is a decision that requires careful evaluation of factors such as individual lifestyle, housing market conditions, school quality, and local amenities. The city’s diverse neighborhoods, from historical gems to nature-rich enclaves, cater to various tastes and preferences, providing a uniquely satisfying living experience.

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