Agent Stock Programs

eXp offers agents the unique opportunity to become shareholders and celebrate the company’s financial success.

The Agent Growth Incentive Program and Agent Equity Program are subject to modification or termination at the discretion of the Company’s Board of Directors.

If an agent has otherwise achieved one or more eligibility requirements to receive an award under the ICON Program, but the eligible agent, through no fault of his or her own or due to extreme or extenuating circumstances, should be unable to fulfill one or more remaining eligibility requirements, alternative eligibility requirements may be provided to such agent; such alternative eligibility requirements must be equal in effort to the requirement being substituted and otherwise compliant with the 2015 Equity Incentive Plan.

Ownership of Shares issued under the Programs may come with associated costs imposed by third parties, including but not limited to,  fees that may be imposed by a stockbroker, financial services broker of Participant’s choosing, or others.

eXp World Holdings, Inc. has adopted an Insider Trading Policy that prohibits employees, agents and contractors from the purchase or sale of EXPI stock based on material nonpublic information and from disclosing this information to others who may trade.


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2022 EU Prospectus

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